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This is Jeremy from Recently we received a review code for Coaster Creator 3D from Big John Games. In playing this very cool game, we noticed that there was no place to share all the custom coasters people will create. So, we figured, why not create a place for that purpose. Without further ado, here you go!

As you can see, the site is incredibly basic, so in order for your QR codes to be posted on this site, you'll need to email them to me at Include the QR code image and I will get it posted to the site ASAP. I will also email you back when I am finished.

In order to use these coasters in-game, you'll need to go to the Sandbox mode, select the option Special under the Load Coaster menu, and you'll see the option to Scan QR Code. These designs are not locked, so feel free to change them as you so desire.

Have fun!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scream, Bump, Pulse by Zack

Hello everyone!

Today we are fortunate enough to have 3 NEW QR codes to share with you.  All 3 of these coasters were created by Zack, who was kind enough to share them with us.

So, the first coaster is Scream, a steel coaster located on Adventure Isle.  It is 2,632 ft in length and 163 ft in height.  I took Scream for a test ride just now and let me tell you, it left me dizzy.  There was one small section that was so close to the ground that the camera actually clipped the ground, which was totally unexpected, and I suspect in real life you'd scream too, if you had a chance :).

The second coaster is Bump, a steel coaster located in the Old West.  Bump is 3,025 ft in length and 294 ft in height.  This is one intense ride, the initial drop is wild! Definitely ranks up there among one of the fun ones!

The final coaster is Pulse, an inverted coaster located in the Space Dome.  Pulse is 2779 ft in length and 196 ft in height.  Okay, so this is my first inverted coaster ride within Coaster Creator 3D, and it was a cool ride.  You should check this out and give it a try.

Plus, you can save these coasters to your 3DS, change them up any way you want, and then post them back here for others to see!

So, go on and check out Scream, Bump, and Pulse and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Thanks for sharing these codes Zack!

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